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Item # 3409
Pages: 324
Type: Hardcover
Publication Date: 2012

By Bennett McDowell       
Price: $49.95   Discount Price: $29.95


(From The Jacket) - The financial markets are insanely complicated, constantly changing, and completely conquerable. That's right as intimidating as the prospect of entering the trading world might seem, with the right knowledge and a proper understanding of how the markets work, the rewards can be yours for the taking.

"Survival Guide For Traders" is the essential handbook for individuals looking to start their own trading business from the comforts of home. Becoming and succeeding as a trader is hard enough, and can be even more difficult for those who choose the stay-at-home route, but it certainly doesn't have to be. The biggest stumbling block for people looking to launch their own trading business is their failure to understand the complexities of the "back office" operations that are essential for success. There is far more to being a trader than meets the eye, but once you come to understand how trading works for the biggest firms, you'll be ready to build a business that will last.

"Survival Guide For Traders" is here to teach you the essentials you need to get started on the path to lasting success as a home trader. Packed with strategies for building a profitable home trading business and the answers to questions most up-and-coming traders would never think to ask including topics like how to create a trading business plan, set up an office, implement a trading system, use margin, deal with legal and financial issues, and keep appropriate records this book has it all.


Part 1: Survival Basics

  • Chapter 1 - It's A Jungle Out There!
  • Chapter 2 - Managing Your Money Is Serious Business
  • Chapter 3 - Accountability. Setting Stops, And The Rogue Factor
  • Chapter 4 - What's Your Net Worth?
  • Chapter 5 - The Life Of An Entrepreneur
  • Chapter 6 - Understanding Financial Markets
  • Chapter 7 - Adapting To Changing Market Cycles
  • Chapter 8 - Education And Support
  • Chapter 9 - Writing A Business Plan

Part 2: The Financial Pie

  • Chapter 10 - The First Slice: Trading And Investing Rules
  • Chapter 11 - The Second Slice: Scanning For Opportunities
  • Chapter 12 - The Third Slice: Money Management
  • Chapter 13 - The Fourth Slice: Financial Psychology

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